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We are open!
We are open!

Hotel is open

We are delighted that we are allowed to welcome more and more guests. Did you know that our hotel has never closed? Hotel guests are able to enjoy breakfast and dinner in our restaurants again. In order to do so, we have adjusted our procedures and rooms in various ways, which allows you to have a safe and relaxing stay at our hotel. You will find all details on this page.

Do you have any cold-symptoms, including cold in the nose, runny nose, soar throat, mild cough or a temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius/1--.4 Fahrenheit? If yes, you are requested to stay home and not come to the hotel.

It is important that you follow the instructions of the hotel staff members during your stay with us. Additionally, all guests and staff members at our hotel are requested to carefully follow the precautionary measures below:

Overnight stay

We look forward to welcoming you in person, showing you around and answering all the questions you might have. On arrival you can disinfect your hands in the lobby. We will ensure a hospitable check-in with 1,5 metres distance for you. All our staff members have been instructed how to proceed with regard to Corona. Every day professional cleaners clean our rooms and the door handles, besides (stair) handrails, lift buttons are cleaned several times a day. Our staff members wear gloves and wash their hands every hour. Throughout the hotel you will find clearly visible floor stickers and directions, which route you should follow. If you haven’t made a reservation for the restaurant while booking your stay, we recommend doing so during check-in. Reservations for breakfast and dinner are required.

Food & drinks

Breakfast and dinner at the restaurant.

Only guests that stay at the hotel are able to have breakfast and dinner at our restaurant. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and safe, we kindly ask you to follow a number of guidelines:

  • You are requested to state your preferred time to have breakfast and dinner while you book your stay at the website;
  • Before you enter the restaurant, we will ask you to show us your reservation;
  • Additionally, we will ask you some health-related questions;
  • You will be requested (mandatory) to disinfect your hands;
  • Please, wait at the welcome desk. We will accompany you to your table;
  • Keep 1,5 metres distance from our staff members and other guests;
  • Arrows at our restaurant signal which way to walk and you are kindly requested to follow these;
  • We serve your food and drinks with the appropriate distance, on a separate table. You are able to collect your food and drinks from this separate table;
  • Our staff members wear gloves for hygiene purposes;
  • We only accept payments by card.

Brunch, lunch and Live Cooking

We regret to inform you that at present lunch, brunch and Live Cooking are not available.

Terrace and bar

The bar still remains closed until further notice. The terrace is open to our guests that stay overnight.

Our terrace is open for guests who have booked an overnight stay at our hotel. The bar is still closed. We advise you to visit our website, since things might change quickly.

Swimming pool

At the moment, our swimming pool is closed.

Gym & Wellness

We regret to inform you that our gym and wellness area are closed. However, if you spend the night, you are more than welcome to enjoy our outside gym to which you will always have access using your room key.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to eat at the restaurant again?

Yes, this is possible! As a guest with an overnight stay, you are allowed to enjoy breakfast and dinner at the restaurants in our hotel. Please note that you must book a table beforehand, this applies to breakfast and dinner. You may do so while booking your stay or during check-in. We hope to be able to welcome guests without an overnight stay again soon. Unfortunately this isn't possible yet.

Which safety measures have been taken?

Our rooms are cleaned thoroughly on a daily basis. All door handles are cleaned several times a day and we wash our hands at least every hour. The tables in our restaurant have been rearranged to make sure there is enough space to pass each other and to guarantee that the maximum amount of people together in one room will not be surpassed. Additionally, it is now mandatory to make a reservation to have breakfast or dinner. On different locations in our hotel you will find disinfections points that allow you to disinfect your hands, quickly and conveniently.

Is it possible to book a room again?

Yes, you are able to spend the night! Did you know that our hotel has never been closed? You may book your stay straight away through our website. Make sure to check our packages to see if there is one that looks interesting to you!

Can I come for lunch or brunch?

No, we’re sorry that we cannot serve lunch or brunch yet.

Is Live Cooking open?

No, due to the authorities’ health regulations, we cannot offer any Live Cooking for the time being.

Is the swimming pool open?

No, unfortunately our swimming pool is currently closed.

Which amenities are available at the hotel?

Our swimming pool, gym and wellness center are currently closed. You may use our outside gym instead which you have access to by use of your key to your room.

May I rent an (electric) bicycle at the hotel?

Yes, hotel guests are able to make reservations to rent a(n) (electric) bike through our reception desk. Packed lunches can also be reserved through reception. Each hotel has bicycle routes (20/40/60 km) in the surrounding area – suggestions are ready and waiting for you.

Kindest regards, The Van der Valk Family & staff members

Update May 22 2020