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Every evening you can enjoy delicious dishes, we serve dinner in our hotel bar.

We would like to welcome you in our restaurant again, from June for up to 30 people and hopefully from July for 100 people.

Larger groups are unfortunately not yet possible, we offer space for 2 people at a table or for households at a table.

We cannot accommodate 3 or more people at a long table 1.5 meters away. The space is too limited for that.

Dinner is possible for 1.5 hours. Because we are bound by the maximum number of 30 people, it is imperative that you adhere to the 1.5 hour time frame.

- Can I sit at a table with you who does not belong to my household?
* That is allowed, but only with 1 person.

- I can come to your house for dinner with you, is there a maximum number that can make up the table?
* No, you can eat with your entire household, regardless of whether it consists of 5 or 15 people. This only includes people who live in one house with you, so no grandparents living elsewhere, for example.

- What do I have to take into account when I am a guest with you?
* Disinfect your hands on arrival. A routing has been added, it must be followed. In addition, it is important that you always follow the instructions of our staff.

- Is it possible to order and pay contactlessly?
* Yes that is possible. On your table you scan a QR code with your phone and you can place your order online and pay immediately.

It is important that you follow all government advice and guidelines before visiting our hotel and restaurant.

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