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House Rules Suites


Our general house rules apply during your visit to our hotel, you can read them here. Separate regulations and a deposit apply for a stay in one of our luxury suites.

The deposit is € 150.00 per stay. You will receive the regulations for suites during check-in for signature. You can read the regulations below for your stay so that you are aware of your arrival.


Best guest,

You will stay in one of our luxury suites. To guarantee the quality of our suites for now and for the future, we charge a € 150 deposit.

This amount will be refunded at check-out in case the suite is left in good condition.

What we expect from you?

We expect you to comply with our house rules, you can read the rules on our website or request them at the reception.

Some specific rules for staying in the suites are:

  • Check-out before 11AM, late check-out is not possible.
  • More than the number of people booked for may not be present in the suite, not even for a short visit.
  • Anyone staying in the suite must have proofed themselves at the reception and be at least 21 years old.
  • No pets are allowed in the suites.

The following are prohibited:

  • To smoke
  • The use of nitrous oxide and other types of anesthetics.
  • Burning candles / incense due to fire hazard. It is also forbidden to intentionally perform actions that activate the fire alarm system. Such as masking the smoke detectors.
  • It is not allowed to cause inconvenience to other guests in or around the hotel.
  • Decorating the suite is allowed to a limited extent, please ask at the reception. It is not allowed to spread confetti.

For suites that are left in an indecent condition, a € 50.00 cleaning fee will be charged.

Reserve your check before departure.

If you want to leave, call the reception with the request to check. Within 15 minutes someone will come to your suite to check that everything has been left in the correct condition.